Cast This! is getting the viewer involved with its new "Movie Masher"!  Use the Movie Masher below to create your own scenes from episodes of Cast This! Once you have completed a new scene you can send it to a friend.
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Masher Instructions
There are five movie scripts available for "casting." The first one, "In Your Arms," has been pre-loaded. You can choose any of the other movie scripts (all of which have been cast by J-Squared Casting during Season One of Cast This!) by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the movie title.

You can start casting your movie by dragging clips from the media bin on the left into the timeline below it. Each actor is labeled with a number -- this is the order in which they appear in the script. You create the movie scene by dragging a clip numbered "1," then a clip (from a different actor) numbered "2," then a clip from your original actor numbered "3," etc.

Once you've placed content within the timeline, you can trim it, move it, add transitions, effects and titles, or even change around the order. In addition, you can add different soundtracks. Just drag and drop the content from the media bins ("video," "music," "transitions," "titles" and "effects") into the timeline.

Transitions are placed between clips; music is placed under the audio track in the timeline; titles are placed above the video track in the timeline, and effects are placed above the video track as well -- they affect any video clip they're over.

Reordering video clips is as easy as clicking and dragging them to a new location. You can also click on a clip, and then click on the delete button to remove it. (And there's an "undo" feature if you make a mistake!)

You can watch your work by clicking the "Play" button under the viewer on the right-hand side. When you're finished, click on "Send to a Friend" and let them watch your masterpiece! If you want us to take a look at it, send it to -- we'd love to see your casting abilities!
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